Aim first

For the entire year’s activities or for a single campaign, Sway will formulate a strategy for you based on the goals you want to acheive. Key perfomance indicators (KPIs) will be measured and reported, and you’ll see with data how effective the strategy is. We work with you to ensure our strategies achieve what you need them to achieve in a manner that is true to your brand and appreciated by the customers you serve.


appearances matter

If your needs are branding, digital, or print, Sway has the talent to deliver products that are both beautiful and effective. Great design is a powerful tool that can evoke a strong emotional response from your customers or users. At Sway, we are committed to producing creative that gets noticed and communicates in a meaningful way.


eliminate your missed opportunities

Not limited to just e-commerce, a conversion is the action you want a customer to take. If it’s subscribing to your newsletter, signing up for your event, or sharing content, it’s still a significant interaction that means something to your business. At Sway, we have an eye for identifying the barriers to conversion and know how to test, iterate, and improve your results so your business can grow.


reach more customers more often

You need to reach your customers where they are; and they are everywhere. Establishing a strong multi-channel marketing campaign requires careful planning and focused executuion. The results are worth the effort as multi-channel customers spend more than single-channel users. Let Sway help you through the challenge of upping your engagement game.


experience matters

We love e-commerce. If you are just starting up or are looking for ways to improve your Magento site, Sway has the experience with Magento CE and Enterprise to deliver a site that looks and functions beautifully — and that converts.


affordable solutions

Wordpress is so popular because it empowers users to create compelling content with little effort. Getting the site designed, developed, and set up to work how you’d like is our job. We can also guide you about content and optimizing it for search engines. Let Sway put the power of the platform within reach.


get it right the first time

Sway has performed dozens of content management platform assessments to deliver the right one for the organization. We can help you select the right tool for the job and get you through the implementation with training and the content creation tools to make the best use of it. It always comes down to strategy, and the software you use is no exception.


supplement your team

There are times when you just have too much to do and not enough time – or resources – to get it all done. Sway can get up to speed and deliver whatever you need when you find yourself short-handed. Engagements are time- or project-based. We offer you remote or on-site support that is affordable and effective, especially if you are located near Durham, NC.

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