I am a huge fan of segmenting your audience. The huge gain is that it affords you the opportunity to present messages that are more relevant for each segment and provide them with content more meaningful to them. The flip side of this is that you won’t send them something irrelevant, which could make provide the wrong kind of click through: straight to the unsubscribe link. But once you’ve mastered segments and know who your customer is, don’t forget to segment those email drip campaigns including your welcome and post-purchase series you’ve worked so hard to perfect.

I recently upgraded from a free model to a paid version of a client billing system. When I did that, I started getting a great, comprehensive welcome series – but one that only applied to users who haven’t used the service before. I received messages like “Send Your First Invoice” when the number of invoices I had already sent was well into triple digits. It was obvious that they hadn’t segmented their welcome series into a possible “Now That You’ve Upgraded…” series. It would have been simple enough if they connected their customer data to their ESP. It’s a little more work, but it could have avoided sending me completely irrelevant content.

Maybe you don’t see ways to segment your campaigns, but I promise you, there are always opportunities to be more relevant to your customers. You have the data. Just take a look at the differences in your customers’ purchasing history, and ask how their experience might be different. For a jewelry site, for example, the person who bought an engagement ring might call for a different post-purchase series than the person who bought stud earrings. Instead of “Join Us on Social Media” you could deliver “See Our Proposal Pinterest Board for Great Advice on Popping the Question.” Instead of “How Do You Like Your Purchase?” you could instead deliver “Did She Say Yes? Tell us Your Engagement Story.” The difference in relationship nurturing here is significant.

Think about a post-purchase series based on product type, but also one based on recipient. If the purchase they made was a gift, follow up with messages that are related to that. Somewhere in your drip campaign, you could offer a discount code for them to get a little something for themselves. Think about a welcome back series for customers who re-subscribe after a period of time. The possibilities are limitless, so that can’t be your excuse. And agencies like mine are here in case you get stuck.