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Are You Segmenting in Your Drip Email Campaigns?

I am a huge fan of segmenting your audience. The huge gain is that it affords you the opportunity to present messages that are more relevant for each segment and provide them with content more meaningful to them. The flip side of this is that you won't send them something irrelevant, which could make provide the wrong kind of click through: straight to the unsubscribe link. But once you've mastered segments and know who your customer is, don't forget to segment those email drip campaigns including your welcome and post-purchase series you've worked so hard to perfect.

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Widen Your View on Conversion Data

A data-driven marketing agency looks at a lot of data. We look at many metrics, the specifics of which depend on the business and the problems we are trying to solve. One of the things we do is train our customers to look at the data with a grain of salt. It can only tell you so much, and getting hung up on certain numbers can drive you crazy. Focusing on what's important is critical, but that also has its own pitfalls.

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4 Steps to E-Commerce Excellence

Being regimented in how you approach business tactics in e-commerce marketing and operations takes discipline. It's easy to get scattered and become reactive, but for the greatest impact to your business, apply a process to what you do every day.

I am a big believer in testing and a continuous improvement process that allows you to focus on the fundamentals, which logic dictates will matter the most. For an e-commerce site these fundamentals include the category and product pages, the shopping cart and checkout, fulfillment, and transactional communications with your customers. A failure in any of these areas will cost you sales, so use this approach to get the most value from them.

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Prioritize Your Way to Profit

Choose wisely.

They say that perfect is the enemy of good. By the same token, trying to do everything can prevent you from doing anything. In my experience, the most chaotic workplaces were the ones where prioritization wasn't a priority. The results aren't only dramatic; they are harmful to your business.

When you have a lot of ideas and many suggestions coming at you that all seem good, it is very tempting to do them all. But unless you have an army of people and a really impressive infrastructure, doing all of that is simply not good business. To win online, you need to choose your battles.

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The Way to Ensure You Finish Strong

I love the word "Done." Checking something off the list is rewarding. Even better, though, is finishing strong. And the enemy of a strong finish is a terrible start.

Kicking off a project isn't usually simple, but the way you kick it off is important to ensure the project goes well. As someone who has taken a lot of project management courses and with a lot of PM experience, I am a sucker for a good work breakdown structure. And as marketer, I am focused on goals. This background has me focused on goals. You need to know where you're going in order to get there, and the project kickoff defines this.

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