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Are You Segmenting in Your Drip Email Campaigns?

I am a huge fan of segmenting your audience. The huge gain is that it affords you the opportunity to present messages that are more relevant for each segment and provide them with content more meaningful to them. The flip side of this is that you won't send them something irrelevant, which could make provide the wrong kind of click through: straight to the unsubscribe link. But once you've mastered segments and know who your customer is, don't forget to segment those email drip campaigns including your welcome and post-purchase series you've worked so hard to perfect.

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Widen Your View on Conversion Data

A data-driven marketing agency looks at a lot of data. We look at many metrics, the specifics of which depend on the business and the problems we are trying to solve. One of the things we do is train our customers to look at the data with a grain of salt. It can only tell you so much, and getting hung up on certain numbers can drive you crazy. Focusing on what's important is critical, but that also has its own pitfalls.

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